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Techno Polymer Co., Ltd.
● Our ABS Lineup
■For Automobile
Weather-able AES
- Techno AES 145HA
- Techno AES W247
Blow molding ABS
- MUH BM5614
Interior High Heat ABS
- MUH E1500
- MUH E7301
Interior Low Friction ABS
Laser Marking ABS
Soft Touch ABS
Translucent PC/ABS
■For Building
Exterior Siding Sheet ASA
Techno Polymer America,Inc.- We can do that. We are the producer next to you.-
● Our Company
Techno Polymer America, Inc. was established in 2002 by Techno Polymer Japan, the most influential specialty ABS plastics producer and service provider in Asia. Techno Polymer Japan is also the largest ABS plastics producer in Japan. Techno Polymer America, Inc. is opening a new production facility in Sidney, Ohio, in Spring 2006.
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● Our ABS Production Facility
The new production facility of Techno Polymer America, Inc. is located in Sidney, Ohio. The location is just the center of our automobile customers in America. We expect to deliver the same high-quality Techno Polymer products to our customers from this location with even more attentive service.
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● Our ABS Product Data
We provide you with every kind of necessary technical data. These technical datasheets on our website are just examples of the data accumulated through more than 30 years of experience in the ABS business. You may download these datasheets and for more information about Techno Polymer America products, please contact us by e-mail or over the phone.
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